A Display Competition will also be run as part  of the Australian Championships – entries to be submitted by 16 February 2018. See Chapter 5 of the contest rules.  To enter just send an email to secretary@pipebandsqld.org and we will be in touch to arrange details.


If you have any questions, please email us at secretary@pipebandsqld.org

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To place an entry, please click on the appropriate form below.  If you have to enter more than one event, please return to this page and fill out further forms as necessary.  Details of your entry will be emailed to you after you submit it and an invoice for entry fees will issue in due course.

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Drum Major
Junior Drum Major

Please note the further details below:

Entry Fees:
Band Events: $150
Drum Majors: $50

Prize Money (minimum):
Grade 1:  $500, $300, $200
Grade 2: $500, $300, $200
Grade 3: $500, $300, $200
Grade 4: $500, $300, $200
Juvenile: $500, $300, $200
Open D/M: $100, $75, $50
Junior D/M: $100, $75, $50

For further information contact the Contest Secretary

Alex McConnell
Phone +61 7 3103 2574
Fax +61 3102 9269
Email  secretary@pipebandsqld.org
Postal: 13 Avesnes Street  HOLLAND PARK   QLD  4121

Conditions of Entry

  • All Bands must be covered by Public Liability Insurance. Proof may be requested
  • The organising committee reserves the right to reject any entry or curtail, postpone or cancel any event or otherwise alter the program if they deem it necessary.
  • No entry fee will be refunded
  • All competitors take part entirely at their own risk.
  • All bands agree to participate in the Massed band display as directed.
  • A representative from each Band must report to the Contest Secretary at a location to be advised at least one hour before the start time for the first Band in their first contest element.

Contest Playing Requirements

Please check with the latest contest rules to ensure these have not changed

Musical Selection (All Grades) own choice, not in total to be –

  • Grade 1 & 2 Less than 5 or more than 7 minutes
  • Grade 3 Less than 4 or more than 6 minutes
  • Grade 4 & Juvenile Less than 3 or more than 5 minutes

March, Strathspey and Reel / Selection of Marches

  • Grade 1:  One 2/4 March, Strathspey and Reel each of not less than 4 parts. (Submit 2 sets with one to be drawn on the line)
  • Grade 2: One 2/4 March, Strathspey and Reel each of not less than 4 parts.
  • Grade 3: One 2/4 March of 4 parts and one Strathspey and Reel each of 4 or more parts played once through
  • Grade 4: 4 parts of 2/4 March (may be 2×2 parts), either 2 or 4 parts of Strathspey (may be 2×2 parts) and 2 or 4 parts of Reel (may be 2×2 parts)
  •  Juvenile: 8 or 9 parts of march time signature and tempo
    comprising two or more complete tunes